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Oro Valley Homes for Sale Real Estate News 

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Oro Valley Homes for Sale - Long Realty Number One

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In the Oro Valley Homes for Sale and Real Estate area, February 2019 active inventory was 293, a 7% increase from February 2018. There were 63 closings in February 2019, a 13% decrease from February 2018. Year-to-date 2019 there were 108 closings, a 17% decrease from year-to-date 2018. Months of Inventory was 4.7, up from 3.8 in February 2018. Median price of sold homes was $267,500 for the month of February 2019, down 16% from February 2018. The Oro Valley area had 109 new properties under contract in February 2019, up 40% from February 2018.

MARKET SHARE – ORO VALLEY Long Realty leads the market in successful real estate sales with 41.8%

The Oro Valley Homes for Sale and Real Estate Market Report is comprised of data for residential properties in the City of Oro Valley. Real Estate remains very localized and market conditions can vary greatly by not only geographic area but also by price range. Please feel free to contact me for a more in-depth analysis.


Oro Valley Homes for Sale - Home Buying Process


Meet with me for your Buyer Consultation

You are Pre-Qualified by Lender

View homes fitting your criteria

Offer made on your favorite home


Contract and Earnest Money deposited with Escrow Company: Escrow Opened/Title Search ordered


Inspections: Home, Wood Infestation, Roof, Pool Review inspections and negotiates appropriate requests

Reports: Seller Disclosure, Title Commitment, CCRs, HOA Disclosures Buyer secures Home-owner's Insurance within inspection period

Review with Buyer and present Buyer's responses

LOAN APPROVAL PROCESS Mortgage Company, Underwriting/Property Appraisal, Approval

Escrow Company obtains payoffs and collects other info.

Buyer conducts final walk-through

Signing of documents by both Seller & Buyer

Signed documents sent to Lender

After approval of documents Lender wires funds and gives OK to record

Documents recorded at County Recorder

Sent back to Escrow and Escrow Company distributes funds

You are given the keys to your new home! WONDERFUL!

Title policy, deed, etc. are sent to you


Oro Valley Homes for Sale - Relocation

Did you know I can help you or your family and friends move anywhere in the world? If you have a need, or know someone who does, I’m here to help!


Oro Valley Homes for Sale - For Sale By Owner

Selling your home on your own may be harder than you think! Here are some points to consider:

You may place the security of your home and yourself at risk. Ads and “For Sale by Owner” signs tend to invite just anyone to inspect your house. You have very little control and no opportunity to pre-screen potential buyers.

You may not know the marketplace well enough to establish the best price for your home. If it is too high, you may lose buyers. If you ask too little, you stand to lose a great deal of money.

Coordination of arrangements and the paperwork involved with a home sale requires many hours, especially if you are not well versed in real estate and the law. You also stand a chance of making costly mistakes.

Along with print advertising opportunities, we attract buyers through the Multiple Listing Service, LongRealty.com and multiple website platforms and through numerous referral opportunities.

Without good advertising and professional help, your home may be on the market for too long to get top dollar. That makes it harder to sell even if you do ultimately decide to list it with a Realtor. People may think it hasn’t sold because there is a problem.

Buyers often need assistance with financing. That’s a job best left to a trained professional.

Unless you are skilled in the art of compromise, you may not be able to effectively close your sale. The “give and take” aspects of the sale of a home must be skillfully negotiated before a transaction is successfully completed.

Believe it or not, buyers don’t like to deal directly with home sellers. They aren’t comfortable asking questions or pointing out discrepancies since insult or confrontation may result. Dealing with a REALTOR® gives them confidence and reassurance

FSBOs typically sell for less than the selling price of other homes; at a median of $190,000 last year and significantly lower than the median of agent-assisted homes at $250,000. Thus, the typical agent-assisted home sale has a 32% higher sales price than the typical FSBO sale.


Oro Valley Homes for Sale - Exciting New Mobile App

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Oro Valley Homes for Sale - Looking at New Construction

It’s important that I am with you on the first visit to any builders site. Why? Builders have a rule – If you walk into a model home without your agent, the builders agent will register you and I will be unable to represent you throughout the process. Remember, the site agent will be working for the builder’s interests.
I will look out for your best interests from the time you enter the model until the time you close on your new home.
I will help you understand the terms and conditions of the builder’s contract. These contracts heavily favor the builder and are usually lengthy and complicated.
I will help you sort through the negotiations, financing options, and incentives in order to get the best terms and conditions for your purchase.
I have expertise to guide you in upgrade selections or custom changes that you would like to make during the build, and make sure you are aware of the cost.
I will communicate with you and the builder representative throughout the process, and will do my best to ensure a surprise-free transaction.
If your contract permits this due diligence, I will explain the benefits of a home inspection performed by an independent inspector.  
I’ll also accompany you on your walk-through, when you create your “Punch List” of items the builder will need to address within 30 days.


Oro Valley Homes for Sale - Benefits of Working with Ian Taylor

Buying a property is a complicated process. By hiring me exclusively, you will have a dedicated, trusted advisor at your side to help you navigate the home buying process. Here is what I bring to the table: 

I am a dedicated agent who listens to understand your needs.

I will help you navigate your financing options. 

I will search for the right property using powerful search tools that no other company has.

I have a deep understanding of the local housing market conditions and property values. I’ll help you prepare the right offer and negotiate the best terms possible.

I manage the transaction process to ensure a timely closing, and help you meet important milestones, per your contract, including coordinating paperwork and due diligence on the property.

I will connect you with a full suite of real estate services, all under one roof ensuring a seamless experience

I provide recommendations of local vendors from the Long Realty Home Advantage program to help you with any home related needs.


Oro Valley Homes for Sale - Where Do The Buyers Come From?

Where the Buyer Found the Oro Valley or Tucson Home They Purchased-Internet 43%-Real Estate Agent 33%-Yard Sign/Open House Sign 9%-Friend, Relative or Neighbor 6%-Home Builder 5%-Directly from the Seller/Knew the Seller 2%-Print/Newspaper Advertisement 1%-Other 1%-What does this mean to you? Most buyers found the home they purchased through an agent or the Internet. That is why it is important to SELL or BUY your home with an established agent and company that have strong market strengths. Please Consider Ian Taylor, Long Realty Oro Valley, Over 750 HOMES SOLD. The Long Realty Network’s combination of a strong local & global approach is a proven formula that has helped hundreds of thousands of Arizonans sell and buy real estate.