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Arizona is a nationally recognized birding hub. Discover the best places across the state to find some of the 550 different species, like the Yellow-eyed Junco.
Arizona is a birding hub. The Sonoran Desert, high elevation forest, and riparian areas make it one of the most popular birding areas in the country. Regardless of the time of year, Arizona is full of lovely birding areas and an array of avian species.
More than a dozen hummingbird species call the Ramsey Canyon Preserve in Hereford home, earning the region the nickname “hummingbird capital of the United States.” Green kingfishers and gray hawks also frequent the area. The Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area in McNeal attracts migrating cranes from the Midwest and even Siberia. If you visit early in the morning, you can see the birds leave their roost to feed.
Rare birds don’t only settle in remote locations; their migratory routes often travel through cities. The Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch in Gilbert is a sanctuary for birds passing through metro Phoenix. The roseate spoonbill and little bittern are two unique species that visit the preserve. Whether you visit one of the preserves or just look out your window, Arizona is the ideal place to observe a variety of birds.