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Reasons people feel buyer’s remorse after getting a house
Bought a home that requires too much maintenance:
Few things can match the disappointment of finally getting your own yard only to watch the previous owner’s gloriously curated garden devolve into an overgrown, weed-infested tangle due to your own neglect. Lesson for buyers: Know your physical, psychological and financial limits and what you’re able and willing to take on.
Bought a home that’s too small:
Don’t get so fixated on buying any available home that you lose sight of what makes a home livable and comfortable for you. Keep a list with you when you’re shopping of the characteristics that are “must haves” and continue looking until you find one that hits the sweet spots.
Bought a home in the wrong location:
Imagine buying a home for the peace and quiet it offers only to discover there’s a busy bus stop out front. Or maybe there’s a nearby business district that draws throngs of people late into the night. Or, if you’re someone who likes to shop daily for fresh food, imagine what a chore that could become if the nearest grocery store is 15 miles away. Visit the home at different times and different days to get a sense of the rhythm of life that surrounds it. Shopping in a specific neighborhood and planning to commute to work? Take a few test drives during rush hours to see what your commute is like.
Bought an older home that needs a lot of repairs:
Be sure to get an inspection or even a home warranty. Price out renovations ahead of time to leave room for the unexpected.
Didn’t consider the total environment:
There are a lot of things you can change about a home. However, any structural change such as removing walls, adding windows or space is likely to be an expensive fix. Look for homes that have the qualities that are most important to you.
Not doing more research can cause home buyer regrets:
Taking the time to research issues upfront can save you from home buyer’s remorse. It’s worth spending the time to build your knowledge so you can make more informed decisions. This is especially the case if you’re buying for the first time.
Other ways to help minimize home buyer regrets:
Avoid distractions to avoid home buyer discontent down the road
Take a break
Make sure you love your neighborhood
Use a checklist like this one to help establish your needs versus wants.