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While there are certain to be non-negotiable aspects of the home you want to buy, other features might be more nice-to-haves. Here's what you should consider for your wish list, at minimum:
House and yard size
Number of bedrooms and bathrooms (and preferred sizes)
Kitchen features (such as an island or built-in eating area)
Neighborhood safety
Quality of local public schools
Proximity to shopping, grocery stores, restaurants, bars and cultural attractions
Access to public transit
You’ll also want to narrow your list down to features that are realistically found in the homes within your budget, and ideally are useful, add value or otherwise enhance your everyday life.
There might be other factors important to you based on your lifestyle, as well, such as a pool or access to a dog park. If it's a priority for you, include it on your wish list.
Consider, too, your current and future preferences. For instance, if you have children, the quality of the local public schools might rank higher on your list. If you're in a multi-generational household and only have a certain number of vehicles, access to public transit could be a make-or-break preference.
That said, think about what you really need versus just want. While you might prefer a house with a recently remodeled kitchen and bathrooms, that might not be a true need. A great room for entertaining or a waterfall shower might be nice-to-haves, but aren’t really must-haves.
Remember: No house is perfect
If only we could turn every single wish-list item and our loftiest visions for a home into reality. Because the house-hunt is largely based on cost parameters and what’s available on the market, it’s important to remember that the perfect house doesn’t exist (unless, of course, you build it). As you review listings online and start seeing homes in person, here’s a house-shopping tip: Remember you can repaint, replace fixtures and add your own flair, but you can't change a home's location. Choose wisely.