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After you purchase a new home, there are many things to budget for, such as moving costs, new furniture, and of course, ongoing expenses such as your mortgage. Although it may seem like many of the significant expenditures are out of the way once you close on a property, there are a lot of additional costs that can add up.
Furniture and Appliances:
You’ll likely bring some furniture and decor from your old place, but you’ll probably want to purchase some new things as well. For example, if the appliances are outdated, you might want to upgrade to new ones. And you may have more rooms to furnish, which requires additional furniture.
Mortgage Payments:
As a homeowner, every month you will making a mortgage payment that typically includes the principal portion of the payment and the interest which is the amount you pay to borrow funds from the bank or lender to purchase your home.
Property Taxes:
Property taxes are the taxes you pay on your home. In many cases, these taxes are the second most significant expense after your mortgage. Property taxes are based on the value of your home, which is typically governed by your state.
Homeowners Insurance:
Homeowners insurance helps protect your home from damage or destruction caused by events like a fire, wind storm, or vandalism. It can also protect you from lawsuits or property damages you are liable for.
HOA Dues:
This is a Homeowner’s Association fee, which goes toward the upkeep of property in a planned community, co-op, or condo. The amount can range from a couple of hundred dollars a year to more than $2,000, depending on the amenities you’re paying for (like a pool and landscaping).
Your utility payments include water, gas, electric, trash, and sewer fees. Some bills like water and electricity are based on the amount you use every month. Other payments, such as your trash or recycling, might be a fixed amount.
Maintaining the curb appeal of your home requires landscape services and lawn care.
Pest Control
Pests such as ants, ticks, rodents, or mice, can wreak havoc on your home and your family’s health. For these reasons, many homeowners hire a pest control company to prevent the infestation of pests around their homes.
Home Improvement Costs:
As a homeowner, there are likely things you want to change about your house. From painting the walls to a complete kitchen renovation, transforming your property can add to the cost of owning a home.