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Clearly, first impressions are key when it comes to selling a house so you need to stack the odds in your favor. From grime and clutter to garish décor, nasty odors and excessive noise pollution, discover the crucial issues most likely to put people off buying your home.
Location, location, location...
Poor internet and phone signal
Raucous neighbors
A lack of utilities
Work in progress
Dirt and grime
An old or broken water heater
Noise pollution
Exposed garden
Awkward layouts
Low ceilings
A tarnished history
Unsightly neighboring homes
Tiny kitchens
Rooms filled with junk
Popcorn ceilings
Wall effects
An overgrown garden
Old-fashioned bathroom
Carpet in bathrooms
An old kitchen in disrepair
Dodgy DIY
Small, tight rooms
Home aquariums
Outdated electrics
Dark rooms with poor natural light
No parking space or driveway
Bad smells: pets, damp and cigarettes
Stains and damp patches
Bright paintwork
Zero curb appeal
Flood risk
A lack of outdoor space