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An open house can increase your exposure to theft and liability claims for injuries that could occur during a viewing. It is wise to take certain precautions to ensure your home is protected.
Review Insurance Coverage
You may want to consider increasing the liability limits of your homeowners insurance policy during the open house phase to ensure you are protected in the event someone attending the open house were to slip and fall.
Prevent Accidents
Fix any problems that could cause an accident; remove ice and snow from driveways and walkways; and keep hallways and stairways clear of clutter.
Secure Valuables
Take pictures and store valuables in a safe or remove them out of sight.
Remove Prescription Drugs
Prescription drugs are the #1 target for thieves and frequently the easiest items to take. Lock them away or take them when leaving the house.
Lock and Unload
Ensure guns are unloaded, locked and stored out of sight.
Board Your Pets
Make sure pets are not home during the open house to avoid dog bites or injury to the pets.
Inform Neighbors
Let neighbors know about the open house and ask them to keep an eye out for anything unusual.
Secure The House
Insist that your real estate agent locks all doors and windows after each open house.