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Blooming Landscape
The Sonoran Desert is the hottest of our North American Deserts, but a distinctly bimodal rainfall produces a bouquet of color. The lupines pictured here can be found blooming February through April.
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 Prickly Pear
The prickly pear cactus can be identified by its broad, flat, green pads. Groups of six or more spines emerge from a common center known as areoles. Packrats often build dens at the base of these plants in order to repurpose those spines as their personal home defense.
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 Coal Mine
Coal Mine Canyon was once mined for its coal until the mines were later abandoned. Today the canyon boasts an array of vibrant colors, which becomes more vivid as the sun sets.
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Adaptive coyotes can be found living in desert scrub, grasslands, foothills, and along populated neighborhoods throughout the Southwest. Their central den site is used for rearing pups, sleeping and acts as a hub of activity for the pack.
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In Arizona, there are at least 18 different hummingbird species, second only to Texas. Each one has a different length and curvature in order to fit the specific flowering plant they feed on.
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Javelinas live in large family groups averaging around 10 per group, while a few herds have been known to number into the 50s.
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 Kitt Peak
Located in the Arizona Sonoran Desert, Kitt Peak National Observatory is home to the most diverse collection of astronomical observatories on Earth. Kitt Peak has been instrumental in providing new insights in mapping both the structure and distances within our cosmic universe.
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Locomotive tours are a great way to sit back, relax and enjoy the natural, scenic beauty of Arizona – year round! The Verde Canyon Railroad features a 20-mile round trip tour or the Grand Canyon Railway offers a trip between Williams, Arizona and the Grand Canyon.
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The Grand Canyon is about the only place in the United States that still delivers mail by mule. The small village of Supai near Havasupai Falls still receives and sends mail by mule. People from all around seek to use this archaic delivery service just for the unique “Delivered by Mule” logo that gets placed on their mail or packages.
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 Up the Mountain
Mount Lemmon, named after the botanist Sara Plummer Lemmon, is the highest peak in the Santa Catalina Mountains. On the northeastern side of the mountain, annual snowfall can reach 200 inches, but in the summer it provides a nice break from the high temperatures below.
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At a swift and hasty seventeen miles per hour, roadrunners are one of the few predators quick enough to prey upon rattlesnakes. Roadrunners naturally blend into their surroundings, so listen for the distinct “coo” noises they make.
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 Seven Falls
Nestled in the Sabino Canyon area, Seven Falls features a seven-tiered series of waterfalls and pools. Late winter and early spring are the perfect climates to hike this trail and experience its flowing waters fed by snowmelt or heavy rains.
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