Oro Valley Homes for Sale - 2020 Interior Design Trends

If your New Year's goal is to renovate or redecorate, here are a few fresh start ideas that will be trending in 2020!
Warm Neutrals. While neutrals may seem a bit tame, the color palette is making a strong comeback for 2020. It's an excellent choice for wall color and furniture, including sofas and bedding.
Velvet. The perfect mix of comfort and luxury, velvet is set to make a big splash in the form of living room sofas, chairs, and headboards ranging in color from vibrant blues and pinks to burnt oranges.
Maximalism. Big, bold, bright colors and patterns with colorful abstract paintings. While executing this technique will require some constraint, but in this case, more is more.
Bold Tile. Make your kitchen or bathroom stand out by incorporating bold patterned designs through color and texture variations.