Oro Valley Homes for Sale - Buyers Top Regrets

The large majority of homeowners don’t envy their renter peers: Only 8% of homeowners wish they were renting. Still, homeowners do have some regrets:
36% Unexpected maintenance or repairs
27% Unable to move without selling first
25% Undesirable home finishes or layout
25% Too much yard/maintenance work
21% Size too small
19% Too high mortgage payments
19% Rushed buying decision or process
18% I don't like my neighbors
17% Paid too much for home
16% Interest rate too high
15% Too long of a commute
14% Undesirable location
13% The type of mortgage
11% Size too big
8% Buying instead of renting
Age plays a role, with 81% of younger homeowners (age 18 to 34) registering at least one regret, compared to 65% of homeowners older than 54. The biggest difference in regrets between those age groups is financial: 30% say their mortgage payment is too high, compared to 12% of older homeowners. Younger homeowners also are more than twice as likely as their older counterparts to say they regret rushing the process of buying a home: 29% compared to 12%.