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Your down payment is 20% of the cost
FHA 3.5% down, Conventional 3%-5% down, VA as little as zero down. 
Your credit must be perfect to buy a home.
Lenders don’t require your score to be more than 700. Most require a median FICO® Score at least 620 while FHA loans require roughly 580.
Now is a bad time to buy.
Generally competition is highest in the spring and lowest in the fall. Other peaks and valleys can be pinpointed only after the fact, so this shouldn’t factor nearly as much into your decision as your own personal and financial situation.
You should buy a home for the maximum you qualify for.
How much you qualify for should not be confused with a personal budget. It’s up to you and your financial adviser to determine a comfortable amount rather than the largest amount.
It’s cheaper to buy a fixer-upper.
It can make financial sense if the deal is right or you’re going to be doing the work yourself, but more often than not, the cost of renovation will outweigh the savings. It also takes a great deal of time, transactions, permits and likely headaches.
You don’t need a real estate agent.
A good real estate agent can help you stay in your budget and assist you in making the right offer and more.
Don’t settle for less than your dream home.
You might not be able to afford everything, but you can prioritize what is most important and find something wonderful that fits most of your needs and wants.