Coronavirus Update - Oro Valley Homes for Sale
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I hope you are doing well and staying safe during this COVID-19 crisis.
It is important to me to keep you up to date on the latest real estate information related to COVID-19 and the recent Stay-At-Home order in Arizona.
Real estate services have been deemed essential. I am continuing my work to be a resource for you, and I am doing so in a remote, safe, and compliant way. I am forwarding to you the below update from my company for more information. Please, if you have any questions about this or any other needs, feel free to contact me.
I plan to be fully operational through a remote work plan designed to ensure that you are supported. I will also continue to monitor and adhere to the guidelines set forth by our health agencies, real estate associations, and local authorities, including all applicable “Stay-At-Home” orders.
Can Long Realty Companies perform their services remotely?
Yes. Our company has prepared for this over the past several weeks, and are now executing our remote-work plan. All accounting, human resources, marketing and other critical functions will continue. We ask for your patience as some processes may take a bit more time due to the logistics of working remotely.
In addition, our Core Services partners of Long Mortgage Company, Long Title Agency, and Long Insurance Group remain fully operational. These companies are classified as Essential Businesses within the Financial Sector and therefore, may continue to operate as normal through the period the order is in effect.
What does this mean for my current listing?
If your property is currently listed with me, your listings will continue to display 24/7 across all my websites, including  Prospective buyers can still view all information about your property and connect with me directly through the website and over the phone to request additional information.
Together, with our Core Services departments, we have streamlined the process for you, allowing:
All contracts to be executed electronically;
Complete online and over the phone loan application and approval process;
Online Insurance review and coverage;
The enhanced closing process between our mortgage and title partners allow more documents to be signed online. The rest can be signed in our title offices or via a mobile notary closer from your home or place of convenience.
Plan to reduce the number of people attending closings.
Only bring the necessary people to the table.
Ask about how to limit the time needed for in-person closings. This may include digitally signing documents that do not need to be notarized. Understand that it may be necessary to schedule closings for more than 30 days out.
During the term of the Stay-At-Home Order, it is unlikely that your listing can be held physically open. If you want it to be physically shown I will review our COVID-19 Showing Protocol with you, see below. I will continue to promote your home through our websites, social media channels, and via video. Recent information released by Google indicated home searching inquiries were at an all-time high; therefore, it may be favorable to continue the online exposure of your listing until physical showings are again permitted.
What does this mean for my current home search?
All listings will continue to appear on my Long Realty websites, and through my websites, you can connect directly with me to learn more about a listing, a neighborhood, or a community. At a time when physically viewing properties may be limited, this is an excellent way to continue to monitor the market.
I may also be able to cooperate to obtain additional video information regarding a property if the property does not already have an existing video tour.
In the event you choose to write an offer on a property, you can:
Sign all contracts and forms electronically;
Complete online and over the phone loan application and approval process;
Complete your Insurance review and obtain coverage; and
Shorten the closing process by partnering with our mortgage and title partners, allowing more documents to be signed online, and the rest can be signed in our title offices or via a mobile notary closer from your home or place of convenience.
What if I have a pending contract?
Our Core Services partners remain open and operating. Your lending, title, and insurance needs will be fully met, and your agent can continue to guide you through the process.
Mobile Closings offer you the opportunity to sign necessary documents from your home or other convenient location. In addition, you will still be able to close in our title offices.
Our title companies are working with the County Recorder offices to ensure that the recording of your transaction can still take place during the period of the Shelter-In-Place order.
In other markets with similar orders, Moving Companies were also classified as essential businesses and could continue to operate. I advise all clients to confirm and check with their chosen moving company to verify.
In the event, a party cannot close due to the circumstances presented by the COVID-19 crisis, your agents have access to the appropriate forms to extend the closing if agreed to by all parties.
What about the delivery of my earnest money?
Your agent has instructions on the available alternatives for handling earnest money.
What else do I need to be aware of?
Do not click on any suspicious links or messages purporting to help you in this crisis from sources that you do not know. Hackers are already attempting to exploit this crisis to take advantage of the public.
COVID-19 Showing Protocol
During this time be sure to really listen to the concerns of your clients and advise them accordingly. With your seller on board, we see no reason to discontinue showings as long as you follow basic distancing protocols.
Ask seller if they can provide wipes at the front door as people enter and exit.
Ask seller if they will offer disposable gloves that can be disposed of when entering and exiting the property.
Ask seller to leave interior doors open when possible so door handles do not need to be touched.
Ask seller to consider not using a sign in sheet since they are no longer required.
Keep your distance, even if it seems unfriendly.
No shaking hands when you meet!
Ask buyers to drive their own vehicles to showings.
Consider buying disposable gloves that can be disposed of when entering and exiting the property.
Remind people to not touch any surfaces.
Bring clean paper towel or tissue to hold when you open doors.
Wash or wipe down your hands on the way in, and the way out.
Wipe down every surface or handle after any contact only if provided by Seller or vacant property.
Stay healthy and be well!