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Five Home Features To Consider For Families With Children
Looking for a home to fulfill your needs is important, and if you're a parent with children you'll also want to find a home that fulfills the needs of your family. While the number of bedrooms and bathrooms is always important, there are other home features that can either make or break everyday life. If you're in the market for a new home to support your current or growing family, consider the items below as you make your decision.
Bedroom Placement
Sure, the number of bedrooms in a home is important to ensure that your family is comfortable, but the placement of the bedrooms is important too. If you're just starting your family, you may want to find a home where the master bedroom is close to the other rooms to allow quick and easy access to babies or smaller children. If your kids are older, a home with a master bedroom away from the other rooms might be better for privacy for all family members.
Floor Plan
When it comes to a family home, the floor plan of the house is just as important as the number of bedrooms. For families with younger children, having an open floor plan can help parents keep track of a little one easier than a home with many different rooms. Also, if you're looking for a home with a backyard, finding a house that has easy sight-lines into the backyard and multiple access points can make life a lot easier should your child(ren) be playing in the backyard and need assistance.
The Location
While you may already know what area you want to live in, the location of the home is also important. If you have children, finding a home on a quiet street is desirable if you know your kids will play outside. A cul-de-sac is a great option for families. Other good options are small communities, quiet neighborhoods, side streets in urban areas, or homes on a large lot if you have to live on a busy road. Another thing to consider is whether or not the community has sidewalks. Sidewalks are crucial for those with small children and pets as they provide a buffer between you and traffic.
The Lot
The land a home sits on can play a large part in the enjoyment of the property. If you have children, buying a home with a sloped yard can be troublesome, especially if the home is on an extreme hill. Outdoor activities are limited, and even yard upkeep can be burdensome. A sloped driveway can be an issue if you have to get a baby in and out of the car, or if you have a young child that needs assistance getting into the vehicle. For those with children, a home on a flat lot can be a lot more convenient in the long run.
Amenities are important to all homeowners, parents and couples alike. When it comes to families, sure it's nice to live close to restaurants and grocery stores, but there are other amenities that should be factored in. Finding a home that's within walking distance to a park or outdoor area is extremely nice, especially if you have young children that require a stroller, diaper bag and all the other items that come along with small kids. Another amenity to consider when looking for a home is the proximity to medical offices or a hospital. Kids hurt themselves and get sick often - having an easy commute to the doctor can help calm an already stressful situation.
Finding a home to fulfill all your needs as a family can be tricky. Before you begin your search, write down all the items you know you need and want in a property and share them with your agent.