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Monsoon rain brings a second spring to your growing season. According to, when planting during monsoon remember your ABC's, which include amaranth, beans, corn, and squash. The varietals do particularly well in short growing seasons, such as monsoon, and can take advantage of the added moisture delivered this time of year.
Deciding when to work on your garden is also equally important to the success and joy you can have. Digging into the soil will be much easier after a rainfall. Also, make it a habit to water your plants each morning to keep them thriving. When deciding whether or not to skip a watering day, base your decision on if the rains have already occurred rather than in anticipation of the rain.
If you're not quite sure how to start, Native Seeds offers a "Monsoon Seed Collection," which includes nine seed packets to get your garden growing. Or, talk to a local Arizona plant nursery to learn the ins and outs of gardening this season.