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I just wanted to bring up something that a lot of homebuyers tend to overlook: the home inspection. In my professional opinion, not doing one is the same as throwing away money.
Knowing about what kind of shape a home is in before you buy it is an incredibly powerful negotiating tool. Things like a cracked foundation, a collapsing roof and even outdated electrical wiring are all examples of issues that could be present and completely hidden to an untrained eye. That's why hiring a home inspector is so important. Basically, here's the way I like to look at it: if you've found the house you want to live in for the next 10 years, getting a home inspection will either help you steer clear of years of expenses/headaches, or provide you with peace of mind when it comes to one of the biggest investments of your life. For a homebuyer, it's a win-win.
If you have questions about inspections, or just real estate in general, please feel free to reach out. A home is a huge investment, and I know how nice it can be to have someone to help or answer questions!
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