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Selling a home is plenty stressful, and virtually no one is immune.
The greatest sources of stress involve uncertainty surrounding the timing and financial aspects of a sale.
Here are the main conditions for stress:
Not knowing if the home will sell in the desired time frame.
Uncertainty about being able to sell for the desired price.
Making improvements or preparing the home for sale.
Uncertainty or concern that an accepted offer may fall through.
Timing the sale with the purchase of another home.
Lack of control of the overall process or timeline.
Not knowing if the buyers were seriously interested.
Keeping the house constantly clean and ready for open houses and showings.
Negotiating with buyers.
Leaving the home for showings and open houses.
Younger sellers are more likely to say that any given aspect of selling is stressful.
One reason could be experience. Older sellers are more likely to have been through the process before.
Other stress conditions:
Finding a competitive interest rate on the home you're buying while also selling
Deciding whether to sell given the currently low interest rate you already have on the home you're selling.
Unexpected aspects of the overall selling process.