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That moment when you officially list your home for sale. There can be some surprises, and that's why I'm reaching out.
I want to go over what typically happens after you list your home, and then open it up for any questions you have for me.
It's really broken into three parts: getting your home ready, showing it (at open houses and private showings), and adjusting to the market response.
Once we sign a listing agreement, we'll want to make sure we get all photos/videos we need for your property before uploading it to the local MLS (which alerts other agents about the property). It's a good idea to stage your home for both photos and anytime prospective buyers come through the door.
I will work with you to set up the appropriate times for open houses and private showings. I want to make sure your home gets sold -- without your everyday life being overly disrupted.
Adjusting to market feedback is important. If your home is still on the market two months after listing, it's time to meet and discuss sales strategy. There may be some small changes to the property you can make, or maybe a price adjustment will be a good idea.
Surprises are always expected when selling a home. But don't be alarmed, that's why I'm here. I'm excited to help/assist you with anything regarding the sale of your property.