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Have you ever placed your hands on the pavement during the middle of the day? Hot weather means hot pavement! And, as temperatures increase in Arizona, it's important to be mindful of our pets.
Shelters respond to hundreds of calls every year involving pets suffering from heat-related illness and death. Anything above 75 degrees can become dangerous, so it's essential to take the proper precautions.
The first rule of advice is to keep your pets indoors during the day if you can. However, when you do decide to take them out for a stroll, consider your timing. Starting your walk earlier in the day or later in the evening is less risky, as temperatures tend to be cooler.
You should take plenty of cool drinking water if you decide to take your dog for a longer walk or hike. Our furry friends can get thirsty too, and it's important to keep them hydrated. Additionally, look for shaded areas during your hike. This can give your dogs a chance to rest and take a break from the direct heat.
Keep in mind, some dogs will be more sensitive to the heat than others. If you need to walk your pet in the middle of the day, consider buying booties for your dog to protect their paws from the hot asphalt. The pavement can reach temperatures up to 150 degrees in the summer, so paw pads of dogs can get burnt and become damaged.
Last reminder! Remember to test the ground before any walk or hike. Leave your hand on the walking surface for at least five seconds. If the surface is too hot for your hands, it's definitely too hot for your dog's paws. Happy hiking!