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Which projects will give you the most bang for your buck? Some are pricey, some are cheap, some involve shiny new smart devices, and others are as low-tech as they come. All will help put cash back in your pocket in the long run.
Install a Programmable Thermostat
Don’t Forget About Caulking and Weather Stripping
Add More Attic Insulation
Ditch the Incandescent Lights
Add Smart Power Switches
Get a Low-Flow Showerhead
Spring for a Water Filter
Opt for Smart Security Devices
Choose Energy-Efficient Appliances
Plant Some Trees
Consider Low-E Windows or Window Film
Trade in Grass for a Xeriscape
Try a Smart Sprinkler System
Replace That Roof
Have Your Ducts Sealed
Put in Some Ceiling Fans
Splurge on the Hardwood Floors
Cozy up to a Water Heater Blanket
Consider Going Tankless
Install a Leak Detector
Save Money Now and in the Future.