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Monsoon storms are unique to our area, and for many Arizonans, it's our favorite time of the year. While most of us are excited for the rain to roll in, it's also important to remember to be safe.
Severe storms and flash floods can make our roads dangerous, but by taking the appropriate precautions, you can know how to stay safe. If extreme storms hit, making it difficult to drive, move your vehicle entirely off the road and stop with the lights off. This prevents other drivers from following your tail-lights, believing your still on the roadway. Also, don't drive through a flooded area as it only takes one foot of water to wash away your vehicle. For more safety tips, check out
Social media is a great place to track this year’s monsoon. By using the hashtag #monsoon2019 on Twitter, you can easily stay up-to-date. Also, our local news stations are excellent resources on keeping you current on all things monsoon.