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As Tucson's temperatures dip into the mid-seventies during November, people are looking into how they can host small groups of friends and family during the holidays. Outdoor spaces give us the best and safest opportunity to do so.
Rather than try to keep safety at the forefront of your busy minds when playing host, plan ahead. Doing little things to your outdoor spaces, such as creating seating arrangements that keep the six-foot principal in mind and having soap or sanitizer handy, helps keep people safe. Arrange chairs around an outdoor coffee table, or better yet, one that includes a fire feature in the center is an excellent way to stay warm as well.
Transform your backyard or patio space into a sanctuary by adding greenery from the vine-draped wall, trees that provide shade, and potted plants. These elements add color and texture to your oasis.
Don't forget to add accessories such as pillows, warm blankets, and candles that add warmth on cooler nights that can drop into the 50s. If you need more outdoor space, I can help with that too!