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Our summer heat is right around the corner, but spring is the perfect season to start shading your home for energy savings. Shade trees help enhance your property's curb appeal when strategically placed, and these trees can also keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter months.
Tucson Electric & Power (TEP) makes it easy and affordable for residents to plant trees on their property through their "Trees for You" program. TEP residential customers can order up to three shade trees for a discounted price of $5 each by logging into their TEP account online. Choose from a variety of seasonal species that thrive in Southern Arizona.
To learn more about the Trees for You program, where you can pick your trees up, and how to properly plant your shade trees visit  for more information.
In addition to the shade, misters are a great way to enjoy your patios all summer long. Installing an outdoor patio misting system can produce a cooling effect of up to 30-degrees Fahrenheit, making the outdoors more bearable even on the hottest of days.
So, how does a mist system work? Mist systems use pressurized water and force it through small openings to create a fine mist of water droplets. As the mist evaporates, it produces a cooling effect.
It's a great addition to a backyard patio to keep you cool as you entertain family and friends this summer. While many of the popular hardware stores sell misting systems, you can also call a pro to install the proper system to keep you cool this summer. If you need any repair or home service recommendations, give me a call, I am glad to help connect you with some of Tucson's best local services.