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We believe it’s time to review the benefits of renting vs buying, compare the data we have and see what will be the best option for you and your family in the long run.
Renting A Home Pros
You Can Move To Another Neighborhood Anytime
Live In The Area You Cannot Afford To Own A House In
Maintenance And Repairs Are On The Landlord
Renting a Home Cons
No Return On Investment
You Should Follow The Lease Agreement And Landlord’s Rules
You Cannot Change Anything Without The Homeowner Approval
Buying A Home Pros
Building Your Equity
Getting Tax Benefits
Monthly Mortgage Payments May Be Lower Than Rental Ones
Improve Your Home In Any Way You Want
Buying A Home Cons
You’re Stuck With The Same House
Paying The Property Taxes
Paying For Home Repairs And Maintenance
So Should I Buy Or Should I Rent?
Buyers… Renters… It doesn’t matter what side you’re on, you’ll prosper in Tucson and Oro Valley, AZ via a latest survey from Rentberry.
As you all understand, these are not the only things that you should think of while dedicating yourself to buying or renting. There is always a great Buy-Rent calculator that should help you decide what side are you on. You simply put in the requested information and the algorithm will calculate the input numbers and give you a definitive answer on what suits best for you.