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Smart phones have become a popular staple in many homes across the U.S. Aside from being a personal computer that fits in your hand, smart phones have brought home management into the tech era. Whether you need to arrange a move to a new area, track how often you water your plants, or keep an inventory of all your personal property, there's an app to help you.
Coordinating a move is a big task. Moved is a free app that helps with the planning and moving process. You tell the app what you need for your move, and it provides you several options to help your move go smoothly. You can get multiple moving quotes, and they'll manage scheduling, COIs (certificates of insurance), elevator reservations and anything else that you may need. You can also get prices on packing materials and order them through the app, coordinate a storage unit for any items not needed , and can schedule mail forwarding all through the app.
Next Door
Moving to a new community can be daunting, especially when you don’t know anyone in your new neighborhood. NextDoor is a free communication app for neighbors, communities, and citizen involvement organizations. NextDoor provides service recommendations, a classified section, and keeps you up-to-date on neighborhood and community events. The app is a secure environment where all neighbors are verified. Be prepared for lively discussions and lots of local involvement!
Many of us access our personal and home-related accounts online or via apps, and keeping track of our many passwords can become cumbersome. 1Password helps you by storing your passwords all in one place. 1Password works on many operating systems, and with a personal account you can store unlimited passwords and items (like credit card numbers). It even includes 1 GB of document storage. For families, they offer a family account that allows multiple members access to one account. Learn more about
Happy Plant
Yard maintenance is important, but for many of us who don't have an automatic sprinkler system, it can be difficult to remember when you last watered. Happy Plant is a free app that helps you track how often you water your plants and even creates a watering schedule to remind you to water in the future. Along with notifications, you can also take pictures of your plants and create a time-lapse video to see the growth over time.
Keeping track of all your appliances and home systems can be a process. Centriq is a free app that "puts everything you need to troubleshoot, operate, and maintain all your stuff, right at your fingertips." The app includes troubleshooting, How-To videos, and can help you find and order parts for 1,000s of brands. The app also provides manufacturer support information and local repair solutions, and you can access specific user manuals and keep up-to-date with custom reminders for maintenance.
Keeping track of everything related to your home can be a lot of work. HomeZada is an app that acts as a digital hub for all things related to your home. This app gives you the means to plan and manage a remodel; keeps track and automates your home maintenance schedule; creates a home inventory of all your items for ease of access in case of emergency; helps to keep you up-to-date on home-related financial metrics and can help you build a digital home profile among other things.
Being a homeowner is no easy task. You can make your life a little easier by taking advantage of new technologies, and smart phone apps are a great option.