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Originally airing in the 1960s, the Jetsons depicted a future of modern convenience that would allow homeowners to free themselves from mundane tasks. While we still wait on our flying cars, some of these new smart home ideas can tide us over till that glorious day.
During the summer months in Arizona, the thermostat holds court, and he who controls the temperature is King or Queen. There is a balance between keeping cool and also keeping your electric bill as low as possible. Thermostat systems such as the Nest and Ecobee help regulate indoor temperatures. The Ecobee allows users to place sensors in multiple rooms throughout the home, so optimal comfort is delivered to where you spend the most amount of time. Smart thermostats also adjust to when you are home or away, saving on energy costs without you having to adjust your dial continuously.
Now that your thermostat is working for you, it's time to add some smart tech to your front door. No more searching around for keys, smart locks can unlock upon your arrival and lock automatically when you leave. The August Smart Lock Pro allows the homeowner to grant keyless access to guests and track who is coming and going from your residence. While a good lock is a smart first step smart doorbells, such as the Nest Hello, alerts homeowners when an individual is at your front door even if that visitor doesn't ring the bell. For 360-degree outdoor protection, the Nest Cam IQ surveillance camera can detect individuals up to 50 feet away and will send the homeowner an alert to their phone, with an attached photo, of anyone peeking around your property.
Now that your safety is secured, its time your home feels warm and inviting. One of the best ways to create this feeling is through lighting. The Philips Hue light bulbs allow the homeowner to control the lighting ambiance through their mobile app. The user can infuse the room with an energizing glow of light, or set it to a relaxing mode, that brings in a softer fill and allowing you to wind down for the evening.
Setting up all these new devices may seem daunting, but once installed your smart home should make some day-to-day obstacles a little less invasive, and home security measures should help you rest easier; but for a great night's sleep the Sleep Number Smart Bed automatically adjusts firmness, comfort, and support to keep you relaxed. The system also can pre-warm your feet to help reduce the amount of time it takes for you to drift off into your dreams.
While we may not be living in the clouds just yet, and the availability of options seems endless try and select one or two that may make the most significant impact on your life, and make it just a little bit easier.