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It's springtime in Arizona, which usually means County Fairs, University Spring Flings, Rodeos. These events are filled with carnival rides, games, live entertainment, and of course, the food, but like most events over the past year, they have been canceled due to the coronavirus. While we eagerly await their return, there are several creative ways you can bring the fair to your backyard. Here are a few ideas to get you started:
Fair Food. No home fair is complete without fried Oreos, snickers, or nachos. These delectable treats are actually quite easy to make at home. For homemade deep-fried Oreos, all you need is a pancake mix and some standard household baking ingredients, and your deep-fried Oreos will stack up against the competition. Also, while nachos are pretty simple to make, and homemade is sometimes the best way to go, Tucson is a UNESCO city of gastronomy, and we have some excellent spots to pick up and takeout. Check out TucsonFoodie.com for their top recommendations.
Carnival Games to Play. Carnival games are a great way to get the whole family involved, and it really does beat sitting on a Zoom call all day. Many classic carnival games can be crafted in your own backyard for not a lot of money. We're fans of Pick a Duck, Balloon Pop, and the classic Bean Bag Toss, but there are many creative games to choose from.
Ride Substitutes. While you might not be able to ride the Ferris wheel, the Zipper, or merry-go-round, try substituting in more physical activities such as a potato sack race, hula hoops, or a water balloon toss. Physical activities are great if you have kids and are looking for ways to cut their digital screen time during the pandemic.
Creating a fair at home is a great way to get out in our beautiful spring weather and craft something our close friends and family can enjoy. While we ultimately look forward to the return of carnivals, fairs, and live entertainment, we can all find little things to do to keep us creative and active.