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Staycation, All I Ever Wanted
Just when you think you have experienced everything in Tucson, something new pops up. Check out these local hotels for a vacation without the travel hassle!
Travel is beginning to become an option again as more people become vaccinated, but if you’re not up to going great distances just yet, staycations are all the rage right now. There’s always more to explore in the Tucson area, and new hotels opening in town mean that you can stay in luxury without the hassle of traveling. Let us tell you about some of the newest and hottest hotels to spend your staycation at.
The Mt. Lemmon Hotel just had its grand opening at the beginning of April, and it’s got all the charm of staying in a little cabin in the outdoors with all the amenities. Each cabin comes equipped with a full-service kitchen and can fit up to five people. Not only that, but they all come with kitchenware as well as electronic fireplaces for cozy nights in.
Meanwhile, The Citizen just opened up in downtown Tucson and joined forces with the Sand-Reckoner Vineyards to host wine barreling and cellaring, creating a unique hotel experience. With their new wine-tasting room, The Citizen aims to bring the vineyard experience to downtown in a building that used to be used as a newspaper office.
Open for business since October 2020, the Graduate Tucson hotel aims to cater to those visiting the University of Arizona. By blending “Southwest personality and Wildcat pride” as Jody Hall, the general manager of the hotel, puts it, the Graduate Tucson is poised to deliver on its unique brand of hospitality. The hotel comes with many Southwest touches, including Aztec rugs and a mural by Dianne Kileen.
For authentic cultural experiences, The Tuxon, recently opened last summer, might be the hotel for your staycation. As a hotel shaped by the area’s very fabric, The Tuxon brings everything about the Tucson experience to guests. Its décor is a combination of American, Mexican, and Native American inspirations that practically screams Tucson. Even the hotel’s name is a play on a common mispronunciation of Tucson. The arts and cultural scene in the thick of the city combines with the natural beauty of the desert to give your stay an authentic Tucson experience.
Tucson is filled with all kinds of different experiences and has something for everyone. Whether you’re more an outdoorsy person or someone who thrives in the city, these buzzworthy new hotels come equipped to deliver whatever you want to get out of your Tucson staycation and provide memories that will last a lifetime.