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Here are some of the most common reasons why renters decide now is the time to own a home.
If some or all of these resonate with you, it’s probably time to talk to a real estate agent you trust to start looking for a place you can be happy owning and living in.
Your rent keeps increasing.
Interest rates are incredibly attractive.
You have a history of managing your debt well.
You think it’s time to put down roots in a specific place.
You have a specific home or neighborhood you’ve pictured yourself in.
You are sick of pouring money into someone else’s mortgage.
You have the financial stability to save for an emergency fund.
You just got married, and your apartment doesn’t work anymore.
You need room for a growing family.
You are ready to pay a down payment and closing costs.
You have improved your credit score.
Going from a renter to a homeowner is not something that should be made as a snap judgment. There should be a lot of planning involved in buying a house for the first time. Those who are unprepared typically make buying mistakes they regret later on. Don’t be one of them!