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The goal when sprucing up your yard is simply put, to achieve usable outdoor spaces that look great. That couldn’t be truer in 2020 where the big trend is two-in-one landscape design. It isn’t enough to look pretty, it also has to be functional!
Skip the space-eating sculptures and instead opt for a giant statuesque game station. From chess to bocce ball or corn hole, there are plenty of permanent game structures that you can set up in your yard to have fun with and look great.
Pergolas are a great trend that helps protect us from the hot Arizona sun, however, setting up an efficient watering system and turning the space into a hanging herb garden helps maximize both the beautiful and beneficial aspects. Similarly, vertical gardens can double a lush, privacy fences.
Move over fire pit and say hello to outdoor fireplaces. While the benefits of keeping you warm are apparent, the photogenic payout can be much grander. These fireplaces can have a much greater visual impact to their lowered counterparts and still look stunning even
during the hottest summer day.