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Selling your home is a big deal -- a very big deal.
When selling your home, it's important to have an industry pro on your side, helping you navigate the selling process. Nearly 90% of all homes sold are done with an agent, and it makes sense.
Here are some things an agent will be able to take on:
Finding the right list price
Negotiating (and even attending) inspections
Handling/negotiating multiple offers
Promoting/marketing the property
Leading open houses and showings
Communication between all major players and parties
Negotiating title resolutions and so much more ...
That moment when you officially list your home for sale.
It's really broken into three parts: getting your home ready, showing it (at open houses and private showings), and adjusting to the market response.
Once a listing agreement is signed, get all photos/videos for the property before uploading it to the local MLS (which alerts other agents about the property).
The MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. Its an online platform that agents use to enter properties for sale and share details about a home or property. The biggest benefit of the MLS is that it's the most accurate database for local housing information, and therefore is used by many active agents and brokers. And because it's used by so many agents, about 92% of homes entered in the MLS are sold. It's been proven to be a useful tool for decades now.
It's a good idea to stage your home for both photos and anytime prospective buyers come through the door.
Set up the appropriate times for open houses and private showings.
Adjusting to market feedback. If the home is still on the market two months after listing, it's time to discuss sales strategy. There may be some small changes to the property, or maybe a price adjustment will be a good idea.
Follow these steps and your home will be sold.