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Learn How to Use Video Conferencing
After experiencing the effects of a pandemic, you may still want to limit travel and in-person meetings to work more efficiently.
It’s a good reason to get familiar with videoconferencing systems that you can use to meet virtually with clients or just friends and loved ones.

Here are the most popular:
Facebook Messenger
You and your clients are both probably on Facebook, which means you can use the Messenger video conferencing feature.
If you and your clients are both Apple iPhone or Mac users, you can communicate easily through Facetime.
The original video conferencing app. You and your clients will both need accounts, but they’re easy to set up.
You may not be on Snapchat, but your younger clients probably are — and it has video conferencing features.
Popular among younger people and international clients, Whatsapp has an easy-to-use video feature.
The advantage of Zoom is that you can invite your clients to video conference through a browser, without requiring them to have an account.
Google Duo
This free app just requires a Gmail account and works across both android and iOS devices, and with a web browser.