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As more individuals shift from working in a traditional office to working from home, it's easy to encounter the joys and challenges of having a pet at your side at all hours. During this time of uncertainty, there are many benefits to having a furry friend around. Pets offer companionship and unconditional love, especially while being stuck in isolation.
However, pets can certainly introduce new challenges to your work environment. Your pet may want constant affection and attention (yes, you did hear my pet during that conference call...). Here are some tips and tricks so you can improve your experience with your pooch:
Both humans and pets need exercise for health and mental stimulation. If possible, try to take short walks outside throughout the day with your dog.
Set up a "place" for your pet to relax during your workday. Place a bed or special blanket nearby. Believe it or not, dogs need some alone time to recharge too.
If your dog gets bored (we all do!), consider preoccupying your dog with a toy or a treat. While this isn't a permanent solution, it may be just what your pet needs, so you can get through that final work meeting. Just make sure that toy is not squeaky!
Let's be honest, pets can improve and complicate things while working remotely, so hopefully a few of these tips help!