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Some people choose a home because it’s adjacent to a hopping entertainment district or close to their job. But those of us with dogs, cats and other animals that are like our children, we pick homes that will make our pets happy.
Look for a property with a fenced-in yard:
The holy grail for dog-owning homebuyers is a bucolic, grassy yard where your pup can play behind a secure fence.
If the house has a pool, make sure the pool is pet safe:
A pet-safe pool has a fence that separates the pool from the rest of the yard. A pool fence is a safety feature that helps prevent kids and pets from falling into the pool while unsupervised.
Pick a neighborhood with dog-friendly amenities:
Look for a dog park within walking distance and restaurants and cafes that welcome dogs on their patio. Sidewalks, greenways, pet-friendly city parks and pet watering stations are nice features, too.
Beware of stairs:
Dogs and stairs don’t always mix. Whether you’re looking at a two-story home with one flight of stairs or a condo that can only be accessed by several flights of stairs, those steps can be a barrier for a dog.
Find a house with a bedroom on the first floor:
If you let your pet sleep in bed with you and your bedroom is up a flight of stairs and your dog is old or short-legged, you may not be able to get your fur baby to bed.
Buy a house without carpet:
Accidents happen, even with house-trained pets, so floors with a hard, impermeable surface are your friend.
Buy a larger home:
Pets need room to roam inside, so you might feel crowded if you and your pups and kitties are stuffed into a 1,000-square-foot house.
Make sure the home isn’t near dangerous wildlife:
Depending on where you live, you may need to avoid properties adjacent to wilderness areas inhabited by wild animals that could harm your pet.
Beware of properties subject to breed or weight restrictions:
Some HOAs, neighborhood covenants or co-op boards restrict the type, number and size of animals they allow. Before you buy, make sure a property isn’t subject to rules that will limit the breed, size or number of dogs you can have.