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Home buyers today have access to a wealth of information about the home-buying process before they even begin talking to a real estate agent. Friends and family, social media — everyone has a lot to offer.
Here are home-buying myths you should beware of and the corresponding home-buying truths you should know.
You need a 20% down payment
Your preapproval rate is the rate you’ll get when you close
You should wait to buy a home until prices are lower
Buying a home is always cheaper and a better investment than renting
You have to find a home before you apply for a home loan
Buying a fixer-upper will save you money
You have to get your loan from the lender who preapproves you
You shouldn’t buy until you can afford your ‘forever’ home
A 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage is always the best choice
You can’t buy a home if you have student loans
You have to pay the seller’s asking price to buy a home
You need excellent credit to buy a home
Fall and winter are bad times to buy a home