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Tips for Successfully Selling Your House
Find the best broker:
How will a broker help you? When going through the listing process, they will ensure that the property details are correctly exposed and the photos of the house are the best-looking ones. Then, for more chances, you can ask them to help with sale signs, social media marketing and other services. Finally, collaborating with a broker will help you pick the most suitable offer for your needs. All in all, you'll have someone to answer your questions throughout the selling process.
Clean and declutter the house:
Whether you intend to sell the house to a family or a single person, it's crucial to present your home as neat and organized. Why should you do this? Because when people enter your house, they should imagine themselves in that home, with their own decorating style. And if the first thing they notice is clutter, potential sellers can refuse your offer, even if it's lower than the market prices, making it difficult to sell the house. If you don't have time for cleaning, you can hire professionals to do a thorough tidying. After that, you could do a makeover to your house and hide your personal items, such as family photos or posters. There are some standard practices for rearranging your house's layout to look more inviting, so you can look them up and get inspiration.
Fix the quick repairs around the house:
There's always something around our homes that needs fixing, but we ignore it because we might not need to use that particular appliance, but that doesn't mean it's not a safety hazard. So, look at any leakages, hanging wallpapers, broken faucets and other things you can fix yourself.
But if there are more serious damages, such as flooring, plumbing or gas appliance repairs, you should leave them to the professionals—otherwise, you risk your health and the house's condition.
Improve the curb appeal:
Even if you can't invest in major renovations at the moment, there are some things you can do, such as:
Washing the windows and painting the outside (if necessary)
Cleaning your porch and taking care of any overgrown bushes
Planting some flowers to make your yard look beautiful
Keep in mind that your house should look habitable, so try to make it as welcoming as possible.
Choose the right price:
To determine a home's value, it's essential to take a look at similar houses that fall within 10% of the square footage of your home.
Market pricing. To choose a reasonable price, you should look at the last comparable sales and adjust yours to the market trend. Although it seems challenging, you'll see why the prices are not constant if you take your time.
The price shouldn't be too low because people might think you're selling the house because it's not livable anymore. On the other hand, setting the price too high makes the place seem overvalued. So, carefully considering the upgrades and investments made to the house is best. Finally, don't be afraid to adjust the price whenever you feel like it or if your broker recommends it.
Make your offer attractive:
You can sweeten the deal by offering some benefits that the competition is not having, such as:
Covering closing costs. These expenses may include taxes, credit report charges or loan origination fees.
Schedule the moving process wherever the buyer wants, even if it's about moving in or out.
Offering a transferable home warranty. This service helps cover repair and replacement costs for home appliances or broken systems.