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Whether you're considering selling or would like to track your investment, our automated home value estimates can help you.
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Even if you're not currently buying or selling your home, we can still be of help. It's important that homeowners track values in their neighborhoods for a variety of reasons - for instance: tax and insurance purposes, to name a few.
An automated value estimate can give you a rough estimate of the value of your home. This can be a useful starting point, before you talk to one of our licensed real estate agents. A real estate agent can help review your home and give you a more accurate estimate based on features, location, and market.
The heatmap is composed of online buyer activity found on many local and nationwide property search platforms. It tells a story about how active buyers are in various areas.
Comparing your home to recently sold properties can give you the edge in understanding what to expect when selling your home and expectations from buyers in your market.
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While estimates can help give you a ballpark idea, they aren't able to walk through your front door and bring their best assets to the kitchen table.
If you ever want a more detailed home value analysis that takes into account improvements you've made to your home, let us know, we can be a lot more precise that way.