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No one ever thinks wire fraud will happen to them, but the fact is, one in three real estate transactions will be targeted by a fraudster.
How can you protect yourself from becoming a statistic?
Watch out for impersonation:
In one of the most common forms of fraud, hackers pretend to be somebody else and send false instructions to
infiltrate your transaction. These emails may appear authentic, using similar domain names and imagery such as logos.
Follow wiring instructions:
Title Company wiring instructions will not change. Read wire instructions carefully and review them with your escrow officer. Tip! Always verify the wire instructions by calling a trusted number. Never send your financial information over unsecured email.
Defend your email:
Fraudsters gather information about transactions by watching emails behind the scenes. Security measures such as multi-factor authentication can make it more difficult for hackers to force their way into your account.
Look out for common email tells:
Subtly different email domains, misspellings, and last-minute changes may all be signs of fraud.
Hover over links or attachments before clicking to verify the source:
Independently verify phone numbers:
Program the title company’s number in your phone and only accept calls from that number.
Tips to Defend the Fraud:
Sender’s email address is different (even slightly) from a prior confirmed email address. Tip! When reading email from a mobile device, click on the sender’s name to view the complete email address.
Changes to wiring instructions.
Words indicating friendship or trust, such as “friend” or “pal,” or that are overly thankful or complimentary.
Fear-based language that expresses a negative outcome, such as “concern,” “don’t,” “prevent,” or “avoid.”
Font or type size that is different from the rest of the document.
Unusual grammar, incorrect punctuation, odd spacing or capitalization may be an indication of someone trying to commit fraud.
Beware of last-minute closing changes and rushes.